Mar 31, 2019

Past, Present, and Future all in one.

During the last year or two, I have been involved in a number of gaming-related projects.

I've been a part of Byte Me Games, LLC since it founding, with a dozen projects of all stripes, one published boardgame, and moderately successful gaming accessory.

During this time, I have transitioned from D&D 5E (of which I still collect select titles for later) to the Savage Worlds game system.  In so many words, I LOVE IT!

I view it as the unholy love child of DnD and World of Darkness mechanics that heavily favor improvisation and narrative that just doesn't exist in any other product I have played.

Our group will be launching a Twitch stream and Podcast serial of Tales from the Rock, detailing the utter insanity of a band of Mercs trying to make a living in the final days of a mighty galactic empire.

Sci-fantasy at its most over-the-top delivered in a pulpy season/episode/sequel/feature film format.

More to come, with hopefully the inaugural episode either this Sunday April 7th, or the 21st.  Hope you all will check us out!