Jan 5, 2013

No promises...or porpoises, but possible a cetacean of a different color.


Been awhile, hasn't it.  There was no question mark because it wasn't a question (see what I did there?)  It was a statement of being absent far too long.

I still game - as often as I can (which isn't very often), and have revived my old Dragonstar campaign.  Love that game - Spelljammer with plasma cannons :)

As for me, I found a job with ONLY a 1 hr 15 min commute, and basically lost myself in the gridlocked rat race of existence for awhile, or exactly one year, as I was laid off again 3 days after my 1 year anniversary.  Company needed a little more payroll overhead for the new executive team they hired.  Sigh.

So here I am hopeless, but hopeful for better things.  In fact, I applied for a job as a community manager for 5th planet games where a good friend of mine is working as a software developer.  If any of you know these peeps, let them know that Donny_the_DM is legit :)

Otherwise, just watching the kids grow up, and teaching them geekery of the best kind.  Family game night is either spent on Munchkin (sometimes quest), Talisman, or Clue Jr.  (three guesses which night I have to put my imagination away).  My kids are totally geeks in training, and doing well.

I apologize for a meager catch-up, but I retrieved my lost PW on a lark, and didn't have anything else better to talk about- though I sense a D&D next rant coming...be warned.

WotC is still staffed by cheese-weasels, and Pathfinder online is going to be a hideous clone of some other shitty game.

Take care folks, I'll try not to range so far this time.

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