Dec 17, 2010

I really, really, really, really dislike the new character builder.

Web-based 4E character builder - it stinks.  I'm paying the same for less?  The saying, "Smooth move, ex-lax" comes to mind...complete with my dad's condescending tone.  Now I know how he felt.

Essentials awkwardly....into what is now a "custom" party.

If you errata the Rules Compendium - I'll kill 10 kittens and a beagle - I swear it!  Their blood will be on your hands.

RE: DDI in general - I'm leaning towards not renewing my subscription.  Unlike your digital characters, paper ones are yours.  I'm just not seeing enough innovation or even intelligence to make me feel my money is well spent. 

Do you keep your programmers locked in cages or something? 
Do you folks even read your own forums?
Where has the last year gone?

I need a drink.  Game well folks.