Jun 21, 2010

Bloody gaping wounded sockets on my splash screen.

Lately there hasn't been much gaming going on, and with other obligations promising to extend that particular state of affairs until the second week of July (fingers crossed!), it's been tough.

I actually did a bit of a whirlwind roundup of the current state of affairs, and was impressed.  It was Antioch that got my proverbial "greenish ichor that churns like curdled milk through my cold black heart" pumping again.  In fact, I got really pissed the other day about it, and after remembering it over at points lf light I came to a realization.

I Love my DDI.  Seriously, it is awesome.  Every #$%%$# time I open it up I inevitable spend three hours making characters I will never have enough evil unlife to play.  So with this revelation, I realized where my anger and annoyance was stemming from.  It was the things I wanted to spend the "other" 21 hours of the day doing.  I speak of the horrible and gaping empty holes in my adventure tools splash screen.  I speak of my @##$# missing DM Tools.

I want to drag and drop monsters from adventure tools into an encounter manager, and print a beautiful stat block with lore, pictures (low res will do), and errata.  I want to click a button and auto-generate a treasure appropriate - and arm the beast(s) with said items when applicable.

I want a community tab with a (Dare i say it) a Facebook-esque social networking scene that will help me fill holes in my group or find a new one.  Basically I want my DDI to be steam for Dungeons and Dragons.

What I have is a beautiful, well managed character builder, and a well updated monster database nearly ruined by a clunky and unfriendly interface that takes 3 minutes to load, and still crashes if I need to window out and check my yahoo group email.

Am I the only one who feels this way?  I'm not angry, I'm annoyed.  I see clearly what "could" be, and see no progress even towards where we were "supposed" to be.  And yes, that is a dig on the virtual tabletop.

Ugh.  At least they are bringing back Dark Sun.  That has actually made my evil glands tingle rather pleasantly.  Unlike most of my group, I'm old enough to remember what it was like to kill a party with a silt horor :)

I want spelljammer as the next campaign world.  World peace too...and hammer pants, those things were as confortable as they were ugly.  Until I get one or the other - that is a decent set of DMing tools or a Spelljammer campaign world, I am going to say mean things about WotC staff on the internet.  This is how I got over being mad, and I encourage anyone else who feels similarly to save a little wear and tear on the 'ole ticker, and just ask - followed by threat of internet slander.

After all, it seems to have worked for everyone who wanted more fluff in their crunchy stat-O's.  Yes it's a DDI article, I assume if you are here reading even marginally 4E content, you have a basic account.

So, to start - Mike Mearls poops candied apples.  Let the chips fall where they may.