Nov 10, 2009

Moving forward

After finally getting some forward momentum established in my games, I now have something to talk about.

In my campaign, the party is running through a portion of the Pyramid or Shadows (H3) adventure, located within the castle area of an Eladrin feywild fortress.  As they traverse the extradimensional prison at the base of it, the have encountered several nasty critters.  The one we left off on, and the one we are going to talk about.

One of the more powerful denizens of the prison is a white dragon.  I lifted the encounter pretty much word for word, so the situation is like this:  The party has hacked and fought their way through several "pods" of this place.  Each chamber is a seperate dimesional pocket connected by apparently unsupported stone walkways.  The rooms cannot be seen or otherwise detected until one passes through their doors, where they are greeted by reality somewhat twisted to conform to the occupant.  The more powerful the occupant, the larger and more complex the chamber is.

They seemed to understand that, and so when the opened up the enormous icy cavern, they knew they were in for it.  They wisely adopted a appeasement stance, that is, after I informed them that a loud and impatient sounding voice was telling them to hurry up and make with the tributes.  Having my 8-year old daughter playing has been...interesting so far, and she nearly got the party eaten :)

Needless to say, they paid dearly for passage through the chamber, and were offered some back if they would bring back the head of one of his hostile neighbors.

Now.  This dragon is a lvl.9 solo brute, and will likely wipe the floor with a just turned lvl.7 party.  However, they want to kill that thing SOOO bad they can taste it.  In fact, they are already wondering how they will talk it's enemy into helping them take him down.

As such, I am considering upsizing the encounter to about lv1.11 or so.  Is it just me, or are heroe's just inclined to want to kill any dragon they encounter?  Then again, I "might" have spent a little too much time describing it's bed :)

What do you think?  Are Dragons the ultimate sword fodder?  Or should they be the nigh-undefeatable behemoths of legend?