Nov 2, 2017

Cough...Cough...So much dust.

Good day, folks.  I can only hope some of you haven't bothered to clean out your RSS feeds and will see this post.  I'm not going to (again) promise to fire this blog up.  I can't commit to that yet.  

I CAN however let you know that the last four years or so has been quite eventful.  Interesting times indeed.

I won't bore you with personal stuff other than to say I still game (too much my wife says) and have branched out into D&D 5E (better than 4E, not quite as good as 3E), Warhammer 40K (tabletop only as RPG books are out of date and cost a freaking mint!), and most recently, Savage Worlds - which is now my go-to for pretty much anything RPG related.

So why am I back after all this time?  Simple.  I'm shilling for a couple of gaming products I have designed and developed over the last 18 months.  Both of these products have literally cost me months of my life and thousands of dollars of my savings to commission, create, prototype, and both are in the home stretch.

First up...The MasterPad.

Come follow us on the old Book of Faces and you'll be something like the 7th or 8th to know when they are available.  
At this point, I am saving every penny and nickel to pay for the first production run, and plan to run a kickstarter to buy more art sets.

The premise is that as I've gotten older (as we do) I find I have less and less time to deal with the bazillions of tasks that DM's have to do behind the scenes.
Between that and having to retire at least one 40 dollar battlemat every year, I decided to do something about it.

The MasterPad is a tear-out spiral notebook of heavy (70lb) paper with pre-printed art on one side, and a blank 1" grid on the other.
Finished size if 10"x16.5", and they are designed to be fully compatible with basically every other page in the pad.  With 50 pages per pad, that's a whole lot of dungeons!

Please stop by my Facebook page and take a look at it.  If it sucks, please don't be shy in telling me that :-)  I am also soliciting feedback and suggestions for the next art set.

Second up - Dungeon Bytes (no website up yet, but here is a some pic).

Sides A and B.  

Basically dungeon candy without the outrageous price.  Made via Gamecrafter (for now), I have ordered the final prototype and the store page is set to go live in 5 days.

The art set will remain static, with different backgrounds being offered for whatever you need to do with them (stone floor, dirt/mud floor, cave floor, etc.).  They were specifically designed for use with the MasterPad, but Are fully compatible with any game system that uses 1" squares for tactical movement and exploration.

Punched from heavy-duty 2mm cardboard, they are designed to be durable and will last a long time.  

I fully expect this to completely fail (I am a pessimist, so whenever I am surprised - it is generally good news!)

Both of these products have been play tested to death, and are ready for prime-time.  I expect the quality of both the printed items and the art sets to only improve commensurate to how much money I am able to pay my extremely patient artist.

So there you go.  This is the rock I have been under for a good chunk of the time I have been on hiatus.  Let em know what you think below, or just go check it out.  Share and help me get my daydream off the ground! 

Stay tuned for updates, and if you get a chance, check out my patron:  SquareOne Clubs

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