Jan 7, 2013

Digital card and boardgames are a balm to my battered gaming soul.

An interesting development is tabletop gaming has quietly been taking shape in the shadows of the gaming world, and it is totally not of the Chinese variety.  I speak of several genre-bending games on the horizon - or already here.

Clash of the Dragons - This game (formerly on my "if it advertises on my sidebar - I'll never play it!!!) lured me in when one of my good friends was hired to program for them.  It is a free-to-play MMO (notice the RPG missing from the end?).  It makes this list because Magic: The Gathering still ranks among my favorite time-destroying methods.  It is essentially a collectible card game with a very active community, and fun Holiday multiplayer boss brawls.  Unlike some other games who will remain nameless, the paywall here is soft, and doesn't leave marks on your face.

The Banner Saga - Is an absolutely gorgeous looking example of where I think mainstream RPG's are heading.  Lush graphics, deep story rooted in norse mythology - I signed up for my beta account, what about you?

Minion Master - Looks to be exactly the geeky PVP I've been looking for.  My wife will still probably own me though.  Life just isnt fair sometimes.

Arkham Horror - The seminal (Ha!) classic reskinned as a complete online experience.  No update on this for awhile - but I have high hopes this labor of love sees the light of day..

Anybody else know of any cool projects that need a shout-out?  Let me know in the comments.

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