Sep 15, 2010

Honestly, I don't think there is a way to "do it right", the middle ground is an illusion.

Of course this has started making the rounds, and it gives me a little bit of perspective.  It is nice to see over the top of the ivory walls every once and awhile.  To loosely paraphrase, Mike Mearls has a hotseat interview regarding the purpose and scope of the new red box essentials line.  I've made my opinions on the matter clear. 

Supposing that what I have to say matters a wit to begin with, I take away two things from this. 
1.)  Mike Mearls loves his job.  Seriously, as an occasional visitor to his site, is there actually anyone who wants to question his credentials?  Like those pesky birthers, I find myself needing to state the blatantly obvious.  Let me make the crystal nice and clear.  NOBODY AT WOTC SET OUT TO DESTROY D&D.  I can't believe I actually felt the need to say that.

In fact, that mantle goes to TSR for financial dumbassery, splatbook shotgunning, product prairie-dogging, and ruleset rustling.  I still view revised second edition as the root of all evil that has passed, and is yet to come.  I may have my issues with their (so called) digital initiative, but I have never felt the hobby was in better hands - over all.

2.)  It pains me to say it, but the grognard fucktards are actually getting to the boys from Renton.  Seriously - a fucking T-shirt?  What kind of idiot...ugh.  I'm not even going to go there.  If you are simultaneously grognard, belligerent, and like overpriced T-shirts, then you deserve your own adjective - Fucknard?  As   usual, I digress.  It's been two years.  I just can't believe people are still crying about this - much less enough to merit a statement from MM himself.  It really annoys me that in this day and age, people still get all asshurt when they find out that their favorite product really wasn't designed by elves JUST FOR THEM. 

After all, isn't that what this whole hoorah is all about?  Folks being all asshurt because "their" game was now "someone else's"? If you are reading this Mr. Mearls, listen up.  Unlike half of the nutsacks on the internet, I'm not going to assume you owe me the shit off of your shoes.  You build the game you want to build.  You build the game my kids are gonna be playing in 10 years.  D&D is more than a hideously expensive collection of rules and artwork.  It is more than spilled dew and cheetoh stained character sheets.  It is more than GNS theory and flame wars.  I can't think of anything else off of the top of my head that means so many different things to so many different people.  Therefore we come full circle back to the very title of this post.


We are all gamers...except those still playing revised 2nd, those people are masochists!

Until next time, game well and remember that YOUR game is a trainwreck to everyone who isn't playing it, making you a big pile of fail to all who love you.  Until next time.

Oh...a promise is a promise.  Keith Baker is a butt pirate (but seriously dude, Eberron Fucking rocks!)


Neuroglyph said...

Great post, and you're absolutely right - it's appalling that there are still people out there that expect 5e to throw out the entire 4E game system and run back to create 3.5 part deux. I'm rather disappointed in The Escapist for taking the interview and spinning the heck out of it - but hey, it happens. All we can do is let the old guard have their five seconds of thinking they have won and move on with more 4E fun.

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Really? I think it's reasonable to draw the following conclusions from Mike's interview.

1) mistakes were made.

2) 4E moved away from what made D&D, D&D.

2) Mike is trying to fix that.

In general, most people are giving Mike a pass on the screwup that was 4E. Mike has some serious old-school and game-design cred, and i'm sure he's trying to fix what he can, within the framework of 4E.

I'm not sure why the 4E-nards are in such a knot about the #%$&-nards are saying.

As for the %$#&-nards finally getting to the boys from Renton ... about bloody time.

I sure as hell hope he takes your advice and designs the game he wants to design, since rumour has it he has a fondness for some of the early versions of D&D.

Donny_the_DM said...

@ Neuroglyph - sweet handle, btw :) It was obvious what the escapist was trying to do. so sad.

@ Paladin - Good points as well, we are mostly in agreement. I would point out that nobody likes it when the "other" team scores a goal - real or perceived. Especially when as I said, there is no middle ground.

What gets my particular panties in a knot is when people who have no intention of ever leaving their grog-caves, do so just to tell everyone how much they hate 4E.

Fine, you hate it. Personally, I wouldn't wipe my ass with the older editions. They filled a need, and I evolved beyond them.

Instead, I am evidently a moron for not liking them, or at best, simply misguided. That really pisses me off. Sound familiar?

A Paladin In Citadel said...

I hear you, and while I don't hate 4E, it isn't the game I play. I thnk there are some interesting things about 4E though. A healthy dialogue amongst D&D players of all stripes is important. Anyway, keep on gaming


Sir S said...

So I'm reading responses to this interview online today, and it seems to me that the OSR have jumped back onto their "it's not role-playing" bandwagon.

Nothing fucks me off more than this teenage punkier-than-thou obsession the OSR has with telling everyone and their dog that only the OSR know how to role-play. Here we see Mr. Paladin at it, with his suggestion that since Mike has some old-school "cred" (oxymoron?) he must therefore be able to design a good game.

I'm not sure what offends me more - the gratuitous insult of being told I don't know how to role-play 'cause I don't play [insert pretentiously-named OSR book here]; or the fact that a bunch of people care enough about proving they're better at our pointless hobby than everyone else to post these claims on the internet.

Either way, it's pretty shit. And a T-shirt???!!! Oh lordy...

(This comment by faustusnotes by the way. What's happened to your wordpress recognition?