Mar 11, 2010

Only the truly intelligent can grasp the immensity of their own ignorance...or now I know why I thought I was abandoned. humble pie is rather delicious, I offer a short story to illustrate how it was prepared and brought before me...

So a month or two ago, I noticed that I had been abandoned.  Yup, abandoned.  You, my readers had left me in droves.  Strangely, my followers list continued to grow, but none of you were commenting anymore.  That made me one saaaaaad dungeon master.  So fast forward a little, as I try an peer through my unemployment beard, and I notice some kind of odd error with my blog - stupid widgets disappearing when I scroll past a certain point.  Extremely annoying.  I change my template - which seems to have fixed the problem, and notice that I had turned my comment moderation on...and forgotten about now I am eating my dumbass flavored pie and see that I am still loved :)

Even though none of you actually left, let me still say that you were missed :) question.  Is 4E beginning to creep too much?  I only say this, because it appears that we are rapidly heading in the direction of too many builds for too many classes.  Seriously, WotC - PLEASE SLOW DOWN A LITTLE.  I am no longer buying books because I can't keep up.  Simpler system or no, you are rapidly filling the punchbowl faster than we can drink it up.  I don't think I need to tell you where that will inevitably lead.  I get the whole "evolution of a ruleset" idea, but as time goes by, it is going to be a repeat of the past...More campaigns, less new rules please.

And another thing, what in the hell ever happened to adventure tools?  Not a peep in ages about any of the other add-ons that were such a huge part of the release.  I know, I know, I get that you have scaled back your plans a bit, but still...not even an update?

I'm not going to hold my breath while waiting for a response, nor do I really expect one.  I just had to talk about it to someone who isn't obligated to agree with me on pain of death - it's a DM thing.

Until next time - game well, and be excellent to each other.


David said...

Your format still seems wonky, and I don't know if it qualifies as creep, but it's definitely spread.

Carl said...

I wrote a post about this a while ago called "4e and the ever-expanding core"

Basically, I think that anyone who tries to keep up with all the 4e releases and options by buying the physical books is missing out on the new paradigm that 4e is built around. The character builder is not just some optional tool, it is damn near a necessity. At this point if you tried to build a character the old fashioned way you would have to flip through so many different books it would make the process very painful.

Embrace the digital age and use the character builder and it really doesn't make any difference if Wizards releases 10 books a month!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to say on 4e (not playing it) but I really like the new layout.

kingworks said...

Frankly, I like my PC's to stick to the PHB's and leave off all the extraneous Power books. There are already so many more options within those core books than they'll ever use and the driving need to build the 'perfect' character is just . . . sad, really. If anything, it's our flaws and how we deal with them that define us.

Just my 2 pence.

Goken said...

Wizards has done nothing with Adventure tools for the past year other than update the monster content each month. But this month they didn't even do that. Don't despair! They promised they were taking a month off because they were updating the tools so that ALL of the monsters will appear with the new stat blocks (including the new MM3 stuff). Now that's value! There are also strong hints that new digital tools are on the way as well, but they're probably wanting to announce things at Gen Con or something.

Geek Ken said...

I can see WotC's point. They have to get people buying books, so they need to keep pushing out content. But all the while I agree it keeps pushing the customer into some false idea of trying to keep up with everything.

I think most folks should step back and realize about 2/3 the stuff out there is not indispensable for their game. But I think most gamers are bitten with the 'need to have' bug to pick up books. Face it, I'm certain many gamers have books and games they will never play, but have definitely read them cover to cover.

I do wish that WotC would slow down and focus on utilizing Dragon magazine more to introduce new content. Get people playing the stuff, get feedback, and then publish material that is a little more playtested. Looking at the morphing of powers/abilities of the classes from PHB 1-3 and all the power source books, I'm more concerned about power creep. Sadly, I think that is rearing its ugly head into 4E now.

As for adventure tools, WotC has completely dropped the ball on that. I'm a bit miffed that it's been ignored and I've gotten more mileage out of 3rd party software. Makes me really question keeping a DDI subscription. WotC should realize that and start jumping on the digital tools bandwagon.