Dec 15, 2009


Fairfield, CA

What started out as a hair-brained idea, slightly less futile than dealing with the dregs of the RPG messageboards, has since become The Fine art of the TPK, a blog where it's owner, Donny the DM talk about whatever in the hell he feels like talking about - within the context of role playing games.

Lately though, dark clouds have been spotted on the borders of this quaint corner of the internet.  It seems, that this lands lord and defender, Donny the DM has been missing!  One terrified villager sums it up, "He made the sun rise and set, he did - we're almost out of bloody candles!"  Another added, "You'd think with all those highfalutin insights he'd have a second or two for us."  Another put it even better, "We have a Lord?  When did that happen?  I didn't vote for him."

This is of course in reference to the alleged abandonment of his blog.  We at RPGBN news were able to track him to his home in Fairfield, CA and paid a visit to this would-be cad.  Upon knocking on the door to his no doubt "charming" fixer-upper in progress, one cant help but notice he seems to have abandoned more than just a blog. 

The door is finally answered by his house troll.  Imagine my surprise when the house troll turns out to be the man himself!  He seemed surprised that I was here (no doubt owing to the alcoholic fog oozing from his pores) and at first tried to downplay his involvement in any alleged non-blogging.  Finally, after bursting into tears and blubbering for a very uncomfortable 15 minutes, we were able to secure an invitation into his home to meet the legendary Donny the DM.

Turns out Donny is actually short for Donovan.  Who'd have thought?  Happily married 6 years, two young children, a big (if desperately in need of work) house, he seems like the kinda guy that has made it - until we dig a little deeper.  Seems that Donovan has been laid off from his Government position, and has a last day coming up in two weeks...well, isn't that cheery.

We Interviewed him for hours, learning all about his current games (2), his regular players (6) and getting to see him make dinosaur noises with a tragically underused Fiendish Tyrannosaurus Rex that he bought years ago because, "I've always loved swallowing players whole."  We talked about the difficulties of having a regular game.  We talked about some of his favorite recipes for group grub.  We even talked about his young daughter, who has just (two games ago) joined both games.  After all of this wonderful reminiscing, we felt it was time to strike at the heart of the matter.

We asked him why he hasnt posted a blog entry in over a month.  First it was denial.  He insisted that there was no way it had been a month.  Then it was anger.  He ranted about people and their expectations.  The it was acceptance.  He spoke of his ideas and plans that had gone nowhere.  In the end, we were able to agree that his blog was a good one, and needed to continue on.  "Besides, it's not like I'll be short on time in the new year."  he said with a hint of the old fire.

In the end, we left this giant of a man better than we left him.  By reminding him of his passion, and showing him that people still come to his blog every day seeking wisdom and/or something to laugh at.  In fact, he asked only one thing of us, that we deliver a message to his readers.


Brings a tear to this old newsman's eye, it does.  This has been an RPGBN news special report.



Jonathan said...

Sorry to hear you've been axed. Any plans on where you're headed next?

greywulf said...

Ouch. You and everyone else, it seems right now. Life sure is sucky for an awful lot of good people right now and my heart goes out to them all.

Here's to new horizons, y'old soak!

Donny_the_DM said...

@ Jon - Not really :( Gonna be mr. mom and such for a little while, I have such a niche specialty (parcel line CAD maintenance) that I'll likely have to start over if I go anywhere else.

Got some ideas, but it's too soon to tell. My next post will have your review - BTW :)

@ Greywulf - I appreciate your sentiment, really.

Considering that I've been through this twice before, one would think I'd be old hat - but it's actually harder this time because I have more to lose.

I'll be okay in the near term, 6 months though...could be ugly.

In any event, I will have more time to write, and I hope to get into some of these collaborative projects everyone seems to be up to lately.

I had a weird dream the other night that Antioch and Red Jason from Points of light, Greywulf, Jonathon, and I crashed at high sped into a concrete wall and accidentally made 5th edition :)

Made sense before I woke up, and the cover art was BITCHIN! :)