Oct 6, 2009

Open Question to my readers.

I'm curious. If you were taking a one-way flight into your own personal sunset, and could have unlimited gaming SUPPLIES, but only take one actual game - what would it be?

As contrived as it is, lets go a little deeper. Lets assume that you will have access to the entire product line - as it is. Also, lets assume you will have the optimum number of players for whatever game it is.

What would it be?

I'll accept a two-way tie if you just can't decide.

In other news...Dear god - it's an actual holiday!


Swordgleam said...

I'd have D&D 3.5, assuming it included all variants (ie my true love Iron Heroes).

This is because the other games I like - Wushu, tri-stat dX, Midgard, d6 - I pretty much have memorized, and could play with my gaming supplies. Even 4e, to some extent. D&D 3.5 is the only one I couldn't reconstruct from memory.

Donovan said...

lol! I hear that :)

While 3.5 holds a special place in my heart, I can't brag that I can recall even a fraction of the dozens of rule subsets that proliferated in the final days.

Good thing for you, I didn't make being able to physically CARRY them part of the deal :)

Even at 6'3" and 230lbs and my many years working a forge, I couldn't claim to be able to lift that much dead tree!

Doc_Savage said...

Mongoose Traveller; assuming I get everything that will ever be published.

Jonathan said...


OK... just joking! For me, if it were to happen tomorrow, I would take my Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition book, a Notebook for writing down my own house rules, and some dice. Done. No miniatures. No footlockers full of books. Just 9 oz of good fun and my imagination. =D

David said...

Man that's tough. If it had been "core only" my answer would have been easy - The Rules Cyclopedia.

3.x would be tempting, but also back breaking. And the bloat of the line... I think I'd prefer 3.x if it didn't include everything!

Star Wars d6 ranks up there, especially if you can include everything! It manage to have lots of books without becoming a bloated system.

I want to say 4e, because I really like it... but I haven't played it yet, so I'm not sure!

greywulf said...

I'm with David. If I could only take one physical book, that one book would be the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. Best edition of D&D, ever, and a lifetime of gaming goodness between two covers.

But if I had access to the entire product line, that would *just* be pipped to the post by Mutants & Masterminds. Give me the core rules and I can build any game I choose. Give me the supplements and I've the best darned superhero universe ready-made for me too, and with Warriors & Warlocks most of the heavy lifting for a fantasy realm too.

Badelaire said...

A three-ring binder, a ream of college-ruled three-hole punched paper, a big box of fine-tipped pens and mechanical pencils, a pad of graph paper, a ruler, and a case of Macallen 18-year single malt.

Seriously, there's a lot of great games on the market, but when it comes right down to it, the best games I've ever run have been played using my own homebrewed systems, and I'm simply more comfortable GMing under a rules set that I've designed specifically for myself and the style of gaming that I prefer.

Hope that's not a cop-out, but there ya go.

Helmsman said...

Oh dear... my first thought would be exalted, but that would leave out contemporary gaming entirely... So I'd have to go with Mage the Ascension, and with an Entire product line I'd go with the World of Darkness line...

Oh and I wonder if your Cheese Weasels are related to my Ice Weasels...

David said...

So what's your game?

Donovan said...

Excellent answers folks. There is no write or wrong here - only truth :)

I must admit though, I had an ulterior motive. I just sold off all of my non-core 3E stuff, at a handsome profit I might add :)

I was looking for a new game to try out. Something that is held as passionately as only a favorite game could be.

That in mind - does that change anybodies choice?

@David - Only fair to answer my own question - even if is WAS a ploy :)

Hmmm....honestly?...I would pack three boxes full of games.

One would have All world of Darkness (except wraith and changeling - they sucked)

One would have my old 3E fav Dragonstar.

And the last would have a full set of Battletech/mechwarrior. I always wanted to play those two.

I would then have someone else shuffle the boxes and grab one at random.

The games are all fine and dandy, but it's the assumed optimum number of players + unlimited supplies that makes it an automatic win for me as I am more of a people person than a system or game person :)


Norman Harman said...

One product line? GURPS, more product there than anything except maybe D&D depending on how you cut that up.

I can't GURPS mechanics but all those settings, too much to pass up. All the rules I need are in my head anyways.

One book, D&D Rules Cyclopedia. Higher rules per page ratio can not be found. Everything you'd need is in there.

Graham said...