Oct 20, 2009

Game update - The fortress of bitter leaves

This weekend will mark the return of the 4E game I have been running now for the last year or so. The party has made their way through the castle courtyard, and dispatched the demons guarding the keep entrance. Then they dealt with the Drow assassins lurking in the foyer, and as we left off, are looking up the winding stone staircase, wondering what the intermittent flashes of multicolored light are all about.

This session will mark the end encounter of this particular branch of the story tree. The Eladrin Lord of the castle is still in residence, having used his own body and soul to power the ritual that keeps the army of Drow and Demons trapped in a stitch of time. Unfortunately, a rather clever succubus named Eloria has spent enough time here to piece together a rough idea of what is going on.

Despite his madness, Lord Bitterleaf is plagued by sent visions of his wife and children that are causing him to lose focus on the ritual itself, weakening the bonds and allowing the temptress to send even more vivid and detailed visions...the center cannot hold, and at this rate, she will have broken him in a very short period of time.

So we will have a hybrid combat / skill challenge for the keep, and the soul of it's master. Failure will mean the unleashing of a lost Demon army that will rage across the feywild. Hmmmm....sounds like fun! :)

So...I'm thinking of having an endless stream of mooks pouring in from several small planar portals - similar to There's a RITE way (which was a BLAST!). The Succubus will be the BBEG for the encounter, and will need just 10 more rounds of continuous concentration to finally break her victim.

I'll have to give this some more thought, before I draft a test version of the SC. Any thoughts or ideas from the peanut gallery?

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