May 15, 2009

An FYI for 3.5 Eberron fans

Per the fine print in the cover of my fourth edition PHB, I must either sacrifice my firstborn, or purge my shelves of all that has come before.

Actually, with all the damned books coming out this year, I find myself contemplating a second job just to pay for them...then again, maybe I'll just sell off some of the books I never got around to using :)

I am liquidating some parts of my gaming collection. One of them is my nearly complete 3.5 Eberron campaign setting. Here is a link to the Ebay listing, please check it out if such a thing would interest you.
And now, some Friday funnies!


Graham said...

I don't suppose you'd ship to Canada, eh?

Donny said...

I see no reason why not.

No guarantees on it not being waylaid by polar bears or angry eskimos :)

My only shipping caveat being overseas shipping, that can be a nit expensive.

Graham said...

Well, then, I'll have to consider this.

A lot of those books would still be really useful for 4e Eberron games.