Apr 30, 2009

A PSA, and a salute to teh funneez!

For those of you who are blissfully unawares, there is an "indie: webisode series out there chronicling the travails of the competitive gaming circuit called GOLD

They are in need of donations and sponsorships to continue pushing out episodes, and have made an appeal to that purpose. See the interlude episode. I made my donation, and look forward to joining the short but sweet list of patrons, but my broke ass will not be able to support them single handedly. Please consider dropping a dime, or 20 pound sack of dimes on them to encourage this excellent web series.

As this will be the final post of a busy make-up week here at the TPK, please enjoy some of the wonderful expressions of the human and in-human condition so lovingly rendered upon the intarnetz.


David Nett said...

Thanks for the shout-out for GOLD. Your support means a lot to us - frankly, without grassroots support from a host of RPG blogs, we couldn't continue to exist.

Also - where did you find the doctored Thomas Covenant cover? That shit is just funny.

-David Nett
creator, GOLD: the Web Series that does Double Damage

Donny said...

An honor and a privelege to have you sir!

You can count on my continued support as long as you keep doing what your doing.

I got the image from either cracked.com or mightygodking.com IIRC.

Thank you for coming :) Let me know if you move into my town and need an actor :)