Apr 29, 2009

Not a review, more like a "READ THIS" mandate.

As my lemming-like attention span drifts from fantasy to science fiction, I have been re-arranging my bookshelf for inspiration. While doing so, I found a dust covered gem that I feel deserves to be not only praised, but pushed out into the masses once more.
This book is quite simply, one of the best books I have ever read. I would rank it alongside Heinlien's Starship Troopers, Haldeman's Forever War, Or even Keith Laumer's Retief and Bolo books.

While certainly not for everyone, it is easily accessible to even casual reader, lacking the impenetrable frosting of "hard Sci-fi" technobabble. This is very much a character driven story about a man who wishes more than anything to just die, but is thwarted repeatedly by his own trauma splintered personality, in the form of "The Machine".

Whenever he tries to lay down and die, the machine takes over and does whatever is necessary to MAKE him survive. My puny reviewer superpowers do this no justice, in print it is very compelling. As an aside, this author also wrote the novel (which later became a cheesy horror movie) Leviathan. I highly recommend this story to any fan of science fiction. I have even considered basing a campaign around this story - who doesn't want to be a power armored infantryman?

There you are, 5 minutes of your time netted you one of the greatest (IMO) books of our time. What are you waiting for!?


Christopher B said...

Steakley also wrote the novel (which later became a cheesy-but-kinda-fun-to-watch horror movie) Vampire$. I blew through that book in no time flat. If Armor is as entertaining a read, it's definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend this book. It is space fiction at it's finest. A fabulous read!

Jay K. said...

Has shades of Logen Ninefingers from the First Law fantasy series.

Badelaire said...

Excellent novel. Definitely not a ubermenchen-styled "space hero" but rather a man who is able to push himself to inhuman limits to survive. I read this book at least a decade ago and probably need to read it again.

And as an aside, Vampire$ is also a great read. One of the grimmest and most emotionally brutal "vampire novels" I've ever read.