Mar 4, 2009

A short Gygaxian post

I have to agree with Wyatt , I never knew gary, I never met him, and I never played a true "Gygaxian" game either. From the stories, I am glad I haven't. Coming into the hobby as he was being ousted from TSR, he was completely absent from my gaming experience.

If I sound a little irreverent or cynical, that's because I am. I have always felt that Gygaxian Naturalism was a crock, and as such, was no fan of any of the OD&D line. IMO, the hobby thrived DESPITE everything it's creators have done to destroy it (see TSR and WotC) My game philosophy is script instead of random tables. It's just how I roll :)

I was originally going to rant and rave about how this hobby is rife with "Gygax this" and "Gygax that" but anything more than the slight spleen vent above would be in extremely poor taste. Instead, how's about a brand new, never-before-seen motivational poster! Enjoy.

or this one :)


Mike Lee said...

If the chest full of dire possums doesn't eat you, then the chest will, -unless the ceiling gets you first.

Donny said...

You sir, win the honorary Gygax "Death from whatever you didn't expect it from" prize :)

Wyatt said...

"You spot a massive, very slightly open chest. From the slight crack and the chest, you see glow."

"Holy shit, JACKPOT. We open the chest."

*DM rolls behind the screen*

"You find yourselves on the receiving end of a number of irate glowing yellow sea urchins."


Donny said...

OMG Wyatt, you made my LOL all over myself!

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about gygaxian naturalism, but I get the impression it's some kind of attempt to create an ecology of monsters. Only I remember when I played 1st ed, always joking with my mates about how stupid it was that there were monsters in dungeons, just waiting to be slain. Didn't seem very naturalistic at all.

I think it's a post hoc attempt to justify a very poor dungeon-building model by the original "master".