Feb 27, 2009

I like this meme...10 monsters that are welcome to eat my players.

I've noticed this little meme making the rounds, and I LIKE it! As such, I'll desecrate it in my own little way, as I have few actual favorite monsters...more types of monsters that my players have had opportunity to learn all about.

Pity my poor players...Someone needs to : )

  1. Anything with ooze, slime, or jelly as part of it's name. Nothing says lovin like animate stomach acid :)

  2. Bandits pretending to be peasants. That is, until they have the party RIGHT where they want them!

  3. Dragons. Cliched? yes. But you'd never tell from the sound of all that urine dripping to the ground!

  4. Aberrations. Not any particular one...just anything lacking bilateral symmetry (or not), and possessing tentacles - the more the merrier.

  5. Incorporeal undead. Nothing says F*ck you to a party like a swarm of wraiths :)

  6. Giants. Once again, none in particular - but reach + bazillions of hp + a can't miss to hit bonus = the stink of fear.

  7. Otyughs...because tentacles and reach combined with living in a pool of shit is just made for a DM like me : ) (and the shiny paladins that always enter my games).

  8. Anything with class levels. Because it makes the rules lawyers soil themselves!

  9. Ropers. A poetic punishment for all those that thought strength was for meatheads.

  10. Kyuss worms. Dude, these even creep ME out.

And just because I can...

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