Feb 13, 2009

Deafened by the thunderous sound of crickets :)

While hard to believe, over 600 people have visited my humble blog in the last week, and despite the question at the end, not a single peep...I hope the guilt follows you through the end of your days!

All kidding aside (and I was indeed kidding, except of the 600 people part...and the no comment part...ah hell, and the guilt part too!) It's Friday. My boss is gone. His boss is gone. My co-worker/junior supervisor is gone...It's REALLY quiet here. Therefore, nobody will look at me funny as I cast TASHAS UNCONTROLLABLE HIDEOUS FRIDAY FUNNIES!! MWAHHAHAHAHA!

With that out of the way :)
My plan for the future is to continue doing what I enjoy, namely developing my own brand of hybrid combat skill challenges, and making monsters. These will be in conjunction with the continuing development of my Lightless Depths project.
The project itself continues apace. I am 80% done with the first chapter, and am having issues with the formatting (I hate doing it, so it is going SLOOOOOOW) lol. I plan on releasing a free .PDF of the first chapter to anyone who wants a copy, and we'll see where it goes.
Also, I REALLY don't wish guilt on any of you. I write here for me - not you :) Well, except for when I post funnies...those are definitely for you :)
With my Pathfinder game unfortunately ending, the playtest of my current campaign will be greatly accellerated, so stay tuned for more after-action reports. Until then, thanks for stopping by my little speck on the Intarwebs!


xero said...

I'm sorry for not commenting. I'll try harder in the future.

Viriatha said...

I'd probly comment, if I could read :/ Your words are so tiny and white on black makes my head hurt :( neat pics tho :)

Anonymous said...

did you get stumbled upon, Mr. DonnyDM? I got stumbled upon from the coremechanic today, and it gave me a megaspike, from 1 reader (me when I access my blog from work without logging in first :( ) to 250 hits - none of whom looked around my site at all.

Thasmodious said...

Well, your lament has at least worked on me. I've read a couple of your entries through the RPG Bloggers feed before, but today I poked around here and have added this blog to my list outside of the RPGBN feed. I love your skill challenges and I like to do much the same - play with the structure, ignore it when it suits my needs, and stick to the intent to create interesting and challenging fun for my players. Good stuff.

Donny said...

Holy Crap!

We have a new comment record :)

I really wasn't trolling for comments, but I WAS surprised that I didn't have any...is that a contradiction? Dammit!

@Virathia - Sorry, I'll up the text size, as this complaint is not unique.

@Faustus - I get a few momentary bounces, but I've been able to remove them from the count...which is 2400 and counting :)

@Thasmodius - Welcome! I'm glad you like what you see, it makes me feel like I know what i am doing :) - or at least fooling everyone who would know better...