Jan 26, 2009

There's a RITE way, and there's a Wrong way...

Here we go with another skill challenge! I am liking the hybrid combat challenges, so here we are. Playtesting will be happening this weekend (FINALLY!) and I will post how it went. Until then, if you want to try it out, I would love to hear from you.

This skill challenge is designed to be run with the assistance of a map. The room should contain a summoning circle of some kind. Other props include a telescope-type device near the circle, and a small sacrificial altar.

The ground should have no less than 5 planar tears measuring 5’ X 10’. It is from these fissures that the Riftspawn will be able to materialize.

The rift squares are considered difficult terrain, and any hero that begins or ends their turn on one takes d10 psychic damage.

…The Rite way to close a planar rift…

If you do not seal this planar rift, the kingdom will be overrun by Far Realm monstrosities! The breach must be sealed at all costs!

COMPLEXITY LEVEL – 6 (12 successes before 6 failures)

ENCOUNTER LEVEL – Party level +2

GOAL – A combat-centric skill challenge in which the party must close a planar rift through a combination of sword or sorcery, while defending against the creatures using it.

MODIFIERS – The powers of war - Power Use: Players can expend powers to get bonuses to a skill check. When expending powers, have the players describe how the power is being used. For each power used, the following bonuses are gained:

At-Will: +0 to skill check or attack roll.
Encounter/Utility: +3 to skill check or attack roll.
Daily: +5 to skill check or attack roll.

SKILLS ALLOWED - Arcana, Bluff, History, Insight, Perception, Thievery.

Arcana – (Moderate DC, unlimited uses) – By using sheer arcane power to manipulate the rituals lines of power, you know you can take this gate down…but it will take time.

Failing this check results in a backlash of the potent energies involved. The character making the check loses one healing surge.
SPECIAL – You receive a conditional penalty to the check for each point of damage taken between the end of your last turn, and the beginning of the current one.

Bluff - (Moderate DC, 4 successes allowed) - See History.

History – (High DC, 4 successes allowed) – Seizing on the inherent alienness and chaos of the creatures coming through the gate, you attempt to distract them by spouting random lines of poetry, literature, and sciences. Confused by your actions, they pause to re-assess you. (All enemies full defense action for 1 round).

Failing this check causes all creatures with the Aberrant type within 6 squares to immediately target the character.

Insight – (Moderate DC, 2 successes allowed) – By concentrating, you can almost hear what these creatures are thinking. Alien thoughts…but still recognizable! You call out to aid a companion with that knowledge. (give an ally a +5 bonus to any attack roll or skill check until the beginning of your next turn).

Failure indicates that the splintered minds of the far realm have overwhelmed you. You receive a -2 to Will defense for the duration of the encounter, and may not make another insight check this encounter.

Perception – (Moderate DC, Unlimited uses) - By visibly tracing the lines of power fueling this ritual, you can target the various symbols & Runes that are sustaining it.

Failing this check results in a backlash of the potent energies involved. The character making the check loses one healing surge.

Thievery - (Moderate DC, Unlimited uses) - By tinkering with the telescope or prism clockworks, you can throw the device out of alignment. Each successful check kills all minions in the room.

Failing this check means that the character has been struck by the energies being funnelled through the devices and loses a healing surge.


Basic attack roll vs. High AC – By smashing the delicate machines supporting the ritual, you damage the magics raging inside of it.

Failure indicates that the hero has failed to damage the portal, but drawn the attention of all the creatures currently manifested. They all disengage from their current activity, and attack the hero to the best of their ability.

A small sacrifice…

The inherent order of permanent magical items is anathema to the portal. For each item cast into the swirling gate, one automatic success is granted. Item must be a minimum of level.3

Endless mass of flesh –

At the beginning of The mindripper's initiative, place D4 fully materialized Riftspawn in any of it's adjacent squares (see Split). They act immediately.
Success: The portal has been closed. The surviving conjurors owe you their lives, and reward the party appropriately. The party is gifted with a treasure of party level +2, and as a bonus, access (and/or copies of) up to 3 rituals of level five or lower.

Failure: The portal stabilizes, and a terrible alien creature comes through the gate. The party must flee or die, and wait for another opportunity to collapse the gate.


TheLemming said...

Sounds very nice to me, it's a great idea I would want to have in one of my upcoming campaigns - closing something like this - thanks for sharing and all the ideas along!


Syrsuro said...

History Check feels more like a Bluff check to me....


Donny said...

@ Lemmi - Good to see you :) I hope you can find a way to make it work!

@ Syrsuro - Upon further thought, I agree. I'll error on the side of caution, and just include both :) THANKS!

gamefiend said...

Donny, you know I can smell skill challenges across the intarwebs!

This one smells good. Tasty.

I have some thoughts on this one, but I will need to address them later --stuck at work at the moment.

Good stuff though!

Donny said...

FIEND! What up man?

Your input would be very welcome. I am having a blast putting these together, the way it used to be making 3E NPC's...until the party killed them in round 2 :(