Jan 21, 2009

A near TPK...what a ride!

I currently play in a 3.5 age of worms campaign that has been rolling for a year or so now. It's a third weekend game, so it has definitely dragged a bit. My character, a 6'5"- 280lb. Vashar, (Book of vile darkness) filled the role of tank and party hirsute psychopath. Slathered in rancid bear grease, and smelling like an old cheese, he was a murderer and all around bad person (NE Fighter/Ranger with favored enemy humans!) he played nice with his guildies as long as the money and blood was plentiful.

Last Sunday, we had a great old time cruising over speed bu...I mean the temples of Bane and Baal, during the three faces of evil portion of the adventure. The party was 6th level, and had breezed through the rest of the complex. We came to a room with an insidious trap within it. Our party leader, a Beguiler, was ensnared then replaced with a duplicate intent on destroying us.

Well destroy us he did. The Duskblade, Myself, and the real said beguiler all perished. Only the scout survived - and then, only barely!

How do I feel about it? I had a blast! Half of gaming is rolling with the blows, you know, sometimes you get the goblin? Now my character is dead. De-throated by a summoned dire wolf. What now? I was thinking Aasimar Pally/Favored soul of Kord. A close-minded, condescending, pseudo-bully, with a penchant for arm wrestling. I'll be SO good, they'll want to do me in!

Hmmmm....or Blackguard....decisions, decisions...


Anonymous said...

"I currently play in a 3.5 age of worms campaign..."

I'm sorry. :(

If you're playing Age of Worms I suggest you roll 5 characters in ascending order of brokenness.

TheLemming said...

Sounds like fun to me, I hope you enjoy your new role.
Would have been interesting (and still is) to get more information on what happened and how and everything!


Donny said...

lol! Wyatt, you have no idea how true that statement.

Luckily, the inherent overpowered, and incredibly deadly campaign iyself eats broken characters for lunch.

I liken it to riding on a train, that passes other trainwrecks on the way to...somewhere else.

Mostly though, I play in this one because it is my only chance to play (with a care bear GM no less!) AND it reminds me of why I like 4E.

What up Lemmi! I plan to :) Aasimar paladin/favored soul is the plan.