Jan 13, 2009

I'm the DM, and NO, you may not roll a save...


I Wish I could remember where I found these. I was young, and needed to artwork!

In any event, about a year or so ago, I found these posted on someones blog...it was just a "website" then right? While culling the herd, I re-discovered them, and after giggling to the point of near hernia, I decided that you all needed a good laugh. And away we go!

Should the original artist/blogger want credit, It will be happily given...I just can't seem to remember where I sto...borrowed them from. Otherwise, let me be clear that the handiwork you have just chortled at was NOT BY MY HAND...I just chose to perpetuate it :)


Christopher B said...

These are abso-fucking-lutely brilliant! Brilliant, I say!

Thanks for sharing!

angille said...

Wow... I actually have two of those. Original titles, of course.

gamefiend said...

i now need new pants. So funny.

Lord RPGs said...

Well, let's be honest -

I really want a copy of "Attack of the Impractical Horde". Or the Dokken one, because even Freddy Kruger was scared of Dokken.