Dec 3, 2008

A little late, but a little fixed as well.

My thanks to Graham and Rev. Mike for pointing out various flaws and errors on my part. Let it be known that Irespond just as well to constructive criticisms, as I do to random floggings : )

Here are the corrected three, and a couple of skeletal Dinosaurs from an upcoming part of the game, enjoy!

And the Skeletal pets of an ancient slain necromancer...
...It seems that you have been trudging through this godsforsaken field of shattered bones and blasted earth for weeks! The point man calls that he has found something, and calls you over to the lip of an enormous crater!
Terraced every 10 squares (lol!) or so, your dungeoneering experience tells you it is a dig site. What they would be digging for in this blasted wasteland is anyones guess...
...After much trial and tribulation, the party reaches the bottom of the crater. Bones. That is what Shkrem was unearthing here. The bones of giant beasts untouched by the sky since the elves first came down from their trees. Dismissing the thoughts as irrelevant, you scan the area - and are rewarded! The spars you need to activate the bone wheel are still sitting in a neat pile next to the rusted framework of a lathe...
...One second you are looking upon the spars, the next, Chaos! Fearsome beasts of all sizes, similar only in excess of claw and fang burst forth from the very earth below and beside! They seem to be led by an enormous monster of bone and teeth, as tall as Taran's tower it stands...the ichor of it's past victims still dripping down from within it's gleaming ribcage...

These are a bit rough still. I am undecided as to exactly how I want this battle to flow - other than having the Players run away screaming, that is. As always, any thoughts, ideas, and insults welcome - but as to the insults, I give as good as I get : )


Graham said...

Any particular reason why these are Shadow creatures? Just wondering.

Lessee... comments...

Skeletal Raptor:
- Hunter's Instincts shifts the target? Neat. But it personally would make more sense to allow the raptor to shift 2 squares, allowing it to get behind the enemy and flank. Just a personal preference there.

Skeletal Tusk Beast:
- I might reduce the Trample and Fearsome Charge damages a bit, since they're multi-target (and FC knocks prone), but it's otherwise good.

Skeletal Tyrant Lizard:
- Give a way for the swallowed character to escape. Possibly remove the wording "trapped" and say that the character is "grabbed, and pulled into the lizard's space" and that they can use the escape action (perhaps at a -2 or -4 penalty) to get out (yes, this means it's far easier to use an acrobatic escape action, but all you need to do is squeeze out between the ribs :P )
- Also specify that they can attack the lizard still.
- Potentially reduce the damage of FC again.

Good stuff, man.

Graham said...

Oh, and just as a note, be careful with solo brutes. That's a shit-ton of hit points to burn through.

Unless your party is larger or has more than one striker. In that case, go for it!