Dec 31, 2008


From me, to all of you...Have a happy and safe years end celebration, or not. I plan on playing WoW with my wife : )

Happy happy obligatory holiday greeting dispensed, now for the good stuff.

I have found new life in the gaming part of my brain. Creating monsters and skill challenges has been very enjoyable, and as such, I plan to continue them. My goal (F*CK resolutions, they are so...last century) is to develop and post a single full encounter, critter, or skill challenge each week.

I have found 4E to be very much a "Nodal" approach wherein the players transition from one set piece encounter to another. What it allows, is a seamless narrative flowing from one encounter - in a swamp, say. To another in a wooded glen without the "everyone count their footsteps, and tell me how much weight you are carrying" crap. I find this approach to be more Diablo II than WoW (except for instaces I suppose).

I have an interesting idea for a quicksand skill challenge.
Another regarding arbitration during a miners vs. teamsters dispute.

Sneaking into a castle holding 200+ bandits.

As to encounters, my crown jewel as of now, is a fight between a lvl.4 party and two ochre jellies at a majestic forest waterfall. Hell, I even figured out how to get Shadar-Kai involved!
So if you like reading my ramblings, there is a lot more to come. If you don't, well you probably aren't reading this anyway : )

And now, just because I can...

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