Dec 9, 2008

The Far Plane needs more love.

One of the 3.5 supplements I had hoped to see was a folio detailing the Far Plane. Nothing says "evil beyond comprehension" like an entire universe of constanly morphic flesh older than the universe, that is always hungry...

Hopefully, 4E will be adressing this issue in their release schedule. Until then, what do you get, when you cross a foolish conjurer with a barely understood aberrant ritual? A Mind Ripper!

…As the door to the summoning chamber shatters into splinters, a purple glow emanates from within. The hair on the back of your neck is attempting to flee with all due haste as you peer around the shattered door frame. Within the room (that was once a well appointed summoning chamber) sits a large…blob? Your confusion is compounded by the powerful smell of fresh cinnamon. It appears to be a 10’ diameter mound of semi-transparent, bluish goo. As it shudders and settles, you see floating within, there appears to be miscellaneous bit and pieces of flotsam…a second glance shows them to be brains! Or pieces of them at least. As you watch, several larger pieces merge together with a flash of purple energy…

…This poor creature is frightened! An alien being trapped in an alien world! It was brought here by HER! If you stop her ritual, it can go home! It only wants to return home! As you move to enter the room and assist it, Jelena screams, “It’s a trick! Don’t let it touch you!” You scoff, but when you turn back to the thing, it has indeed gathered itself together, and formed wickedly barbed tentacles! The errant floating bits have now mostly congealed into a solid mass, that is slowly forming crackling lines of arcing violet energy towards it’s appendages. “It’s a MindRipper! If it gets loose, it will kill everyone in the valley!” Comes Jelena’s desperate and exhausted cry. Her ritual binding circle has nearly faded completely from sight. She gives you an exhausted look, “I cannot hold it any longer, send it back to the void it came from!” At that, she collapses, and the last vestiges of control over this beast slip free...

Yeah, I know. I write like an illiterate orangutan, but that's okay - I never claimed to be a novelist : )

This little beastie will be coming up in three or four sessions, as the party explores the Masterson Estate, and discovers that the descendants of the Archmagus Dennil Masterson have delved rather deeply into things that should concern only those whom have an affinity to tentacles and too many eyeballs.

God I love the Far rife with possibilities!


Wyatt said...

Aberrations are my favorite monster types, but I didn't like the far realm all that much. I liked intelligent aberrations more than the crazy ones.

Jonathan said...

I thought it was called The Far Realm, no? bahh.. quibbles.

thanks for the creep.. duly added to my inventory!

Donny_the_Dm said...

Insanity is underrated, though a good old fashioned mind flayer plotting your parties doom is priceless. Then again crazy like a fox is good too!

I used Far Plane due to the possibility of copyrighting and such. Then again, the terms are nearly interchangeable.

There will be many more aberrants coming in the following months, they are a big part of my campaigns second and third chapter.

Wyatt said...

Speaking of Aberrations, if you want a new smart Aberration to use, you're welcome to use the Dromidae from my Eden setting. Or any of the other weird monsters I've made for it.

Now I'm feeling like making some more...

Donny_the_Dm said...

Well thank you!

I will be sure to check them out, I need three distinct aberrant races for the endgame.

Dead Orcs said...

My wife is a playing a halfling warlock in my campaign, and her pact is with the Far Realm. In addition to the "insanity" factor, it's also the home of some very "x-files" like things ("grey's", etc.). Her pact is a result of reoccurring abductions.

Long story short, you're right. The Far Realm isn't getting enough love.

David said...

I like the Farm Realm. It has the most insane description, with the most nonsensical sort of physics and reality. How can you not love it?

I've never used it, because my players tend to prefer a tad more order to their game than all that.

That said, I like the idea of the Far Realms being dangerous to contact not just because the inhabitants seem to hunger for death and destruction, but also because the plane itself does.

When you open a portal, nearly always accidentally, to the Far Realms, it can only contain the plane's innate alien nature for so long. Eventually, the portal itself collapses, leaving instead a raw hole in the material plane, letting part of the essence of the Far Realms in the longer is stays open.

Imagine, then, adventurers coming to the wizard's laboratory after the mage's guild hasn't heard from him in the past six months. The first few rooms of his underground lab seem normal, but as they proceed deeper into the place, things get strange. The normally orderly rooms are strangely shaped. First, they are simply oddly rhomboid and with angled ceilings. As the party continues, fighting progressively more mutated and strange variants of familiar monsters (erstwhile experiments), the rooms become almost organic. Doors snap at them with strange mouths. The floor seems to go spongy at just the wrong time. That itchy pimple seems to be growing a small tentacle or feeler.

By the time they reach the summoning room, all reason and law has left the dungeon. They are swimming through an oxygen solution, with the now nearly amoebic walls glowing lightly with a sickly reddish green. What might have once been an test orc to send through is now a greenish mass of distorted flesh and teeth, caged in a random mash of vines and envenomed thorns. In the middle of the room is the glowing tear in reality, guarded by a skeleton in tattered wizard's robes, engulfed in some sort of yellow-purple, undulating flesh that seems to be controlling its former master.

.... Anyway, might make for a memorable adventure, if a little silly. Good article, and the monster sounds neat too. I'll save it somewhere and see if I can find a place in my next campaign.

Donny_the_Dm said...

Why thank you gents :)

Always liked aliens, ever since seeing the Alien movie way back in the day. I remember how terrifying it was (I was 10).

The Far Plane is attractive to me, because it is SO wide open. Every reference I have had to it has been different from the previous one. Where inorganic does not necessarily mean not alive.

My favorite denizens were probably the Kaorti, the remnants of a magic collegium who thought to explore and plunder this place. You know it is a bad place when all the preparations of these "experts" only bought them a measly hour or two of safety :)

As such, it is probably impossible to use the actual location as an adventure area. It's more fun to use familiar places as sites of leakage (like Dave's broken portal) where the familiar has become alien.

Thanks for commenting guys! There will be more aberrant freakshows coming up, they play a large part in the end of my current campaign...we'll get there, eventually.