Nov 13, 2008

Some getting used to...NPC's designed with Monster Rules.

So I've been losing an absolute TON of time creating monsters. LOTS of monsters. Minions...NPC' name it.

It took some thinking, but I have decided that in this particular campaign, the PC's will be nearly unique specimens. Later on there will be others with actual PC classes attached, but for now, I want them to feel special...not JUST another group of farm raised jackasses and guild castoffs.

As such, I have been custom creating most of the major NPC's to this point using Asmor's monster maker 3.1 Iknow, I know, I crowed about it before, but that's only because it is deserved praise - Asmor! My hat be tipped to you sir!

Anyways, It has been forever since I got serious about keeping this musty cavern up to date. For my readers, I apologize. While I can promise nothing resembling a regular update schedule, I CAN keep feeding tidbits to you peeps, free of charge or obligation. Please steal these stat blocks and let me know if there is anything "wrong" with them - I would consider it more than fair recompense : )

And now, some STAT BLOCKS!
First, we have an exiled noble. A real hit with the farmer's daughters and unofficial ruler of Hogger's Vale! The one, the only...
Next up, we have the result of too much aberrant magical seepage welling up into the depths of a perfecly good lake full of Cat-er, Whiskerfish! That's right! MAN EATING CATFISH!
Lastly, a hot tempered elementalist who has taken to a life of crime in a tiny redneck city. A powerful wizard? NO! Just a 5 trick speedbump with a cool orb!
Please enjoy, and make any modifications needed, as I may have inadvertantly slipped in a 3.5 reference here or there. Until next time...EXCELSIOR!


Graham said...

Since I'm 99% sure that "wrong" comment is directed at me, I may as well live up to it. :P

Lord Marshall Jorran Davros

Neat. Only three comments. :)

Inspiring Presence, as an always-on aura, is not activated, and thus doesn't need a "lasts until the end of the encounter" line.

Well, there's that 3.5e reference. :) Flaming Longswords no longer do +1d6 Fire damage. They now just make all damage fire damage, and can add bonus damage as a daily power. I would change the Flaming Longsword ability to represent the 4e Flaming Longsword.

Knight's Strike has damage as 2[W]. In a monster stat block, you should write it out as 2d8+3. This should probably also be fire damage, as per the Flaming Longsword above.

Fleshwarped Whiskerfish


Very cool. Poisoned Barbs would be hell to keep track of, though. Perhaps limit it to "If an enemy has been the target of a successful bite attack within the past round".

You could also just remove the restriction with little problem. Perhaps reduce the damage to 1d4+3 to compensate, but it shouldn't be a major issue.

The Fabulous Flist


I assume Robes of Prot +2 are just standard +2 Robes?

My only comment is that, since it's listed in the powers themselves, listing the effect of the BlackCrackle Orb in the stat block is probably extraneous.

Donny_the_Dm said...

As always, thank you graham. It wasn't directed at you so much as anyone else lurking and unable to keep their peace :)

The orb being listed was for purposes of clarification. It will be a lootable item, after all.

AH! I misread the flaming entry, its bonus is only to crits...good eye.

LOL! The catfish is a silly little side quest to save some fishermen from the giant mutant catfish eating them and the lake stocks...the barbs were meant to target opponents on the flanks, but I see your point.

How's it feel to be playing again? And 4E no less, you must be loving it!

Graham said...

How does it feel?

It feels... well, odd, really.

I love the system, but I find myself every day wanting to run it instead. I don't have the time at the moment, but even still.

We're also playing a prewritten adventure path right now, and despite my own recent reliance on such things, I really don't care for playing them. You have so much less freedom as a player.

And unfortunately, the Dungeon magazine adventures don't really help that part. In fact, the delve/4e adventure format may end up making things a little too structured at times. Or maybe it's just this current adventure/writer.

Ah well. It's still fun.

Graham said...

By the way, for the barbs, how about the following fix:

Bite: Standard action, basic attack, as written.

Barbs: Standard action, basic attack, otherwise as written.

Bite+Barbs (call it whatever you want:
Standard action, non-basic.
The Whiskerfish makes a Bite attack and a Barbs attack. These attacks must have different targets.

Gregor LeBlaque said...

I don't think the Fabulous Flist's Reflexive Escape should say "user", and I don't think "Bloodied" is a valid keyword here. It should probably be "When bloodied, Flist teleports..."

In fact, to match how such "when bloodied" abilities are written in the Monster Manual, it should probably be:
Reflexive Escape (immediate reaction, when first bloodied; encounter) * Teleportation
The Fabulous Flist can teleport six squares.

Donny_the_Dm said...

Good calls both of you. I 3ill make the adjustments, and try to get updated images for both in sometime today.

Thank you guys, unlearning a game that is so similar in terminology and execution as 4E is going to be a SOB, but I WILL PREVAIL :)