Nov 17, 2008

Critters Fixed...and a few more besides.

So...I made a few changes to the last set of NPC's and monsters, and have added a few more members of the 20 Silvers Gang. Please steal them, and use in good health : )

Thanks to Gregor and Graham for helping me to see the forest for the trees. As always, feedback is appreciated.

My goal for the future is to begin posting some of the encounters and their surrounding areas, and summarizing the playtest when it happens. I have also located two other gamer geeks to make occasional contributions. I make no promises as to a posting schedule. I figure weekly is good, with corrections and updates squeaked in between. Working for the man in a recession involves being VISIBLY busy, even when there is scarce work to be found /sigh.

I hope you are all in good positions to weather out this crap storm the Merchant god has chosen to bestow us with...among other global and local disasters : )

So here they are. The first three are reposted with some minor corrections and/or changes. Those below them are three more members of the 20 Silvers gang. A band of thugs that the party will be tangling with. The encounters will be pretty basic Boss/Minion battles, and I am looking to work a litlle heavier with terrains. Enjoy.


Graham said...


For Bertran, I'd remove the "see sidebar" from Thunderjuice and Glue Pot.

Also, I'd change Fist Full of Flasks to a set 2, instead of 1d3. This makes it guaranteed better than a basic attack (important in a recharge attack), and keeps the same average effect. Since that seems to be his signature ability, you could consider making it recharge 5,6.

His Boomstick ability has a couple issues.

For one, there is no such shape as "Line" in 4e. I'd do Close Blast 2 instead.

For the second, stunned is a vicious condition, especially for low levels. You might want to change it to "stunned until the end of Bertran's next turn, and dazed (save ends)"

Georg looks pretty good. Be sure to remember that he only has 1 healing surge, as a heroic tier monster.

Whirlwind Swing is really just a long way of saying Close Burst 1, so I'd change that.

By his Bloodied entry, you have "See Bloodied Strike". Remove that.

And for Lenny.

Again, there is no such thing as Line any more. Removing the "Line 2" part, but keeping the rest of the power, allows you to do what you want to anyways. change the wording however, to "and make an immediate Longspear attack".

This way, the first attack is at +10, and the second is a standard attack at +8.

For Skewered Toss, alter it to say "Target(s) are prone and no longer immobilized."

Sadistic Glee is not an Immediate action. Immediate actions occur on other creatures' turns. Sadistic Glee isn't an action at all.

Sadistic Glee should also probably be limited, either by a max cap (I'd say +3), or by lasting only for a round.

Also, Little Lenny seems more suited to Skirmisher than Brute. Sneak Attack and tossing people around? Definitely in Skirmisher territory.

Donny_the_Dm said...

Your hired!

lol, figured there would be a few things I missed. I will review your suggestions, and make any appropriate changes.

I'll get this thing yet, may keep the "line" config, it feels like it would fit in, but I'll have to take closer look.

Thanks for coming graham!

Reverend Mike said...

So, the splash on Bertran's Gluepot is kinda useless, considering how much moving a secondary target may do before the start of their next turn...the only thing it hampers in that case is movement granted by allies such as warlords, and it's only in the timeframe between getting glued and the start of their next turn...I'd suggest changing that to the end of their next turn...

Donny_the_Dm said...

Welcome Rev, and thanks for the advice. What I WANTED and what I GOT are a little at odds with each other :)

I will ponder this, and hopefully have a spare moment to make the changes. Thank you!