Oct 2, 2008

When a campaign goes right.

I want to share two campaign journals I have been following for some time now. These are both shinig examples of what a game "feels" like when everything is being done "right".

There are MANY others, but my limited free time has made these two in particular, the journals I follow.

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/community/gaming/campaignJournals/blackDaysOfKorKammorGameOne&page=1 Excellent game run by the mysterious DungeonGrrrl over at http://dungeon-grrrl.livejournal.com/ It is a wee bit high in actual sexual content, but not in an over the top fashion.

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/community/gaming/campaignJournals/theLiduDiariesAPlayersProspectiveOfTheSTAP&page=1 This one is run by a Paizo community member, detailing a campaign through the savage tide AP from Dungeon magazine. It centers around the exploits of a burgeoning Alienist, and her talking severed BarIgura head.

That's all for today, may your dice roll well!

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