Oct 22, 2008


Greetings, gosh it's been awhile eh? Been plugging away at Assault on the Lightless Depths for what seems like years now. As of last night, I have just shy of 10,000 words (after some brutal editing) and something useful is beginning to emerge.

I include, for your pleasure, a .JPG image of a map that started out as a hand drawn sketch, was scanned as high res, and then battered by my GIMP. That being the free GNU Image Manipulation Program. It's a bit friendlier than photoshop (IMO) and has the advantage of not costing the same as a down payment on my truck.

As this is a public project, please feel free to use this for anything your little heart desires. I plan on beating it some more, and spraypainting its quivering, bruised body with color at some point. Until then: A nifty little B&W map that could fit into ANY fantasy game out there. Enjoy!

Oh! and a funny or two for those so inclined.


Anonymous said...

I have a GIMP port on the Mac and also the X-Window System (X11?) version of GIMP (for no particular reason). I have to agree that it's much friendlier (and leaner) than photoshop. Nice map, by the way.

jw said...

I have some hex map brushes for GIMP if you want to make you map in the style of late 80s/early 90s TSR games. (Particularly the Voyage of the Princess Ark maps in Dragon)

Donny_the_Dm said...

@Wyatt - Thank you :) It's my first, only about 50 or so to go eh?

@JW - Downloaded, thank you. The princess ark...oh sweet nostalgia. I remember following the voyage when I first started reading Dragon. Heldannic knights, Rakastas, Flying ships, Cynnibar...what a cool setting. Thank you!

TheLemming said...

Hey Donnie,
Gimp's really a great choice - but for map-making and stuff I would rather go for a vector-program - try inkscape - it's the pendant to Adobe Illustrator, you can easily (really easily) do maps and stuff on that one!