Sep 4, 2008

SO here she is...The Weeping Womb!

Resembling no less than a monstrous tentacle covered, pink maggot. The Weeping Womb is the hloy grail of Aberrant ambition. Once awakened this malevolent creature is capable of spawning a never-ending army of broodlings, that once properly fed, can be molded into any creature necessary. She is a creature of hate...and hunger. Viewing the world from one enormous eye, she plots no less than the end of the world, and the rise of hers.

My first attempt at monster creation. It took about 3 hours, ith the bulk of that skimming the MM for ideas. I am fairly confident that I did it correctly, but please let me know if you see anything glaringly off. My thanks to Jonathan, Graham, and Plotter for their assistance. More to come.


Graham said...

Nice. A couple suggestions for improvement, though.

I'd make Warp Reality into a Close Burst 10. This way, it basically has an area around itself that it can warp as it sees fit.

Where did you take Spawn Broodlings from? You should remove Close Blast 1 (a single square in front of the creature) and replace it with "Close Burst 2" (anywhere within 2 squares). Rewrite it as follows:

Close burst 2; spawn 3d6 Broodling minions into any unoccupied squares within the burst.

Close Burst 2 gives it 36 available squares to spawn 3d6 (max 18) minions into. Close Burst 1 only gives 16 squares.

You also might want to reduce the number of minions spawned, or else make it recharge on a 6 only, but this is debatable anyways.

Mucus Orb. Considering the monster name, eeww. But I'd also change it up a bit. Specifically, instead of a Ranged attack, make it an Area Burst 1, range 15. In this case, you might want to make the target Dazed until the end of the Womb's next turn, rather than save ends.

Really, if a Huge Walking Womb is spitting gobs of mucus at you, that's going to have a blast radius!

Anonymous said...

My God! This monster is so amenable to psycho-analysis! It's frightening...

Donny_the_Dm said...

lol! My wife was grossed out at first. "Ewww! a giant man eating Vagina!" but the womb part describes function more than form. The broodlings (statted tonight) burst out from boils covering most of the body.

I always loved the deepspawn! Crossed with an aboleth = my baby!

@Graham - Good calls! I'm still wrapping my brain around the mechanical bits. I am probably going to add an aura similar to the aboleth, and possibly the ability to slide broodlings in a line.

Thanks Guys!