Sep 26, 2008

RPG CARNIVAL #2 An abbreviated wrapup.

On some advice from a fellow blogger I hold in high esteem, I have decided to retry this. Here is a listing, with links, of the participants (in no particular order).
Questing GM proving that staying away from the many venomous critters of Borneo gives a LOT of time to blog : ) A lovingly created full pantheon, created by Jatori, fleshed out in greater detail by follow up posts. As well as a bonus! tools and misc. helpers for newbie brewers, and a critique of the carnival in general. Avianfoo also gives us a homebrewed ruleset for use with the awesome Descent board game. Gomez gives us an excellent post on 4E familiars from Paper&Plastic. Rayvn's contribution, custom constellations, and how they can affect a world.
The indelible Graham, chiming in on how he likes his 'brew. (canadians and their brew...:-) ).
Nitessine reminding us of the delicious horror of a homebrew mashup.
Ishmayl breaks down another toughie, alignments beyond RAW.
Bob, over at the dice bag, lends his expertise (and memory) to show the heights of coolness a long running game can reach.
Tomkat1066 has moved to a new address, and given us a nice compilation of his homebrew burned lands campaign.
Mike Mearls honors me with his addition to the carnival. Another alignment system that scoffs at such silly concepts as law and's all about association, and motivation.
Madbrewlabs gives us a faction/allegiance subsytem from their in-development homebrew world.
Faustus gives us the d20 past game I always wanted to play - Infernal Victorian England!!
Chatty's entry, campaign prep notes...good stuff there!
Reverend Mike's entry, a nasty little critter name of...James. Greywulf and his homemade board game - Rogue Trader.
Storyteller gives us a firearms based homebrew class that has me thinking of...sandalwood...and dark towers...hmmmm.
Scott gives us one last look at the awesomeness of homebrew alignments. And Gregor comes in with a whopping pile of 'Brew just in the nick of time!

I'd like to thank you all for participating. I hope you all enjoyed the work and content as much as I did. Apologies for the earlier laziness. No excuses offered, just a sorry. I hope this is more like what you were expecting.

If I missed anyone, please yell at me in the comments section, you will be added. Thank you.


Tomcat1066 said...


Those links are actually from the old blog. Here is the complete listing for The Burned Lands. This should include everything written for the carnival and make things a bit easier for your readers ;)

Ravyn said...

[Insert loud angry shouts here] Then again, I was pretty close to the end of the page in the last one. If the comment even went up.

Jonathan said...

SWEET! in all its ugly URLyness.. I LOVE IT! thanks for the link Donny. Now two questions:

1) who's going to be hosting the next one? I re-volunteered myself in the comments of the original Carnival#2 announcement; but I'll happily step aside if someone else has been selected.

2) would you mind if I repost a version of your above post over at the The RPG Blog Carnival website? I set this other site up as a permanent vault for all the RPG Blog Carnivals.

Once again! Thanks for the links and being the host! You generated a great idea, and the RPG blogosphere





Chatty DM said...

Thanks for the effort Donny, you rule!

I'm willing to do the next one... My post in it is already written..

Please email me.

Bob said...

Nice one :)

And Chatty...thats cheating! Can I host the next one and I'll use a post I've already published? :p

I actually really like Chatty's idea for a subject for the carnival so let him host it. Go on you know you want to. *nudge nudge*

Donny_the_Dm said...

There we go, all fixed up!

@chatty - Give Bryant till Monday. If he hasn't stepped up, The torch is yours.

Tomcat1066 said...


Thanks for the update up there! ;)

greywulf said...

Great topic Donny, and well done all!

Ready and primed for the next one :D

Anonymous said...

The list looks good (I didn't catch the first version, so meh). Thanks for hosting the Carnival.