Aug 9, 2008

Notes to self...

  • Log out and look at posts sometime...Holy Wall of Text!!
  • Stop blogging and get back to work.
  • Go to home depot
  • Feed kids
  • I mean WOW! Holy Wall of Crapton Text!

Back to work, after scaling this wall, I'll flesh it out piece by piece. Stay tuned, and shoot your thoughts or opinions in whenever you feel the urge.


ChattyDM said...

Breaking down text in smaller chunks... One of the best lessons in blogging and one of the biggest barriers for readers...

Questing GM said...

Applies to forum post too.

ScottM said...

I'm strangely OK w/ wall of text... but you probably figured that out from my own posts. ;)

Font sizes and headers can do a lot to break up the wall effect, as others have pointed out to me.

Donny_the_Dm said...

Didn't look too bad when I first drafted it, lol. Then again, I enjoy a longer read at a sitting - I am channeling my inner reader.

Got to playtest it tonight, will have to break a hole in this wall, and post a recap while I continue crunching away at it. blog name? Teh WALLOFTEXT? lol.
Thanks for stopping by guys!