Aug 4, 2008

How many great ideas are out there...just sitting there, collecting dust?

A recent post over at got me thinking. How many incredible adventures are just sitting inside their respective organic neural computers, just waiting for a spark of motivation?

Hell, what about just mine!? If you folks reading are anything like me (and you most definitely are!) you could fill a library with our unpublished thought and dreams. Personally, I am mulling through:

-three epic fantasy campaigns - levels 1-30, the whole taco.
-two sci-fi campaigns, one hardcore, and another one shades of dragonstar. (R.I.P.)
-A NPC/BBEG supplement to help the beleaguered 3.5 crowd
-A book of 1001 level appropriate pre-rolled treasures.
-A compilation of thought and print about the far plane. (fantastic locations/expedition to?)
-A similar work encompassing the yugoloths. (fiendish Codex III?)

The list goes on. So what is stopping me? You'll all sympathize when I say it's...complicated. Right. Truth is, I'm lazy. I am satisfied (mostly) entertaining my small circle of friends and gamers. Though, truth be told, the itch has been maddening lately.

Of course isn't that what online communities are for? Chatty said something a month or three back that struck a chord in me. He said that (to paraphrase loosely) that due to the shrinking pool of talent, and the inherent difficulty of being credited in a niche like RPG gaming, tomorrow's game designers would probably be heavily recruited from the ranks of the RPG blogging community. I happen to agree with this, strongly. I have seen some incredible talent since I began following the blogs instead of the stagnating forums. THIS is where the Elite are flocking, no longer content to be a faceless voice among many. We have good, nay GREAT ideas, and we WILL BE HEARD! Send in the Sardrukar!

Problem is, I am more of a leader than a trench digger. Most would call it lazy, but I equivalate it to the shop teacher who can TELL you how it's done, but couldn't DO it if his life depended on it. Ironic isn't it? Colossal cosmic power...the kind that can create whole living, breathing worlds, hamstrung by lack of motivation - or small child induced sleep deprivation. So where does that leave us?

Simple, nowhere. Humbled by the first hurdle - motivation. Unfortunately, it doesn't get any easier after that. There's the same Demons that chatty spoke of the demons of doubt some time ago, the inner demons that affect all of us. YOU think motivation was hard? Wait till you meet your toughest critic - yourself! As you can see, we haven't even tried to find a publisher yet, and there is already enough adversity to make even ME a bit unsettled.

In the end, a community like is a remedy for this. A much needed remedy. Trask, the last Tyromancer has already helped with the last hurdle. Just head on over the A good starting point for trying to publish your dreams.

In the end though, the only person who can build your dreams is you. The greatest post of all can do little more than inspire YOU to do what you should already have been doing. Like my uncle always says, "If you didn't vote - you have NO right to complain."

I can only hope this inspires someone to do something great. In the meantime, I have some notebooks to go and dig out.
What say you? Anything you've been dreaming up? How far along are you? Tried and failed? I love to hear from anyone who's been down this road before.

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