May 29, 2013

A worthy real life and in game.

If you are both a Pathfinder fan AND want to aid the victims of the latest bout of 'nado weather - go here.  I won't waste your precious time recapping - go see for yourself.

May 23, 2013


Indeed, we do.  I have now been re-gainfully employed for 4 months now.  The catch?  A long commute and mandatory 50-60 hour weeks.  Needless to say, this blog isn't the only facet of my life being neglected.  My gaming group apparently broke up while waiting for me to get used to my schedule.

With sad violin playing over with, life is good - and I am going to crawl out from under my rock, and give D&DNext a try.  Any opinions? - he asks some of the most opinionated people on earth....

Jan 7, 2013

Digital card and boardgames are a balm to my battered gaming soul.

An interesting development is tabletop gaming has quietly been taking shape in the shadows of the gaming world, and it is totally not of the Chinese variety.  I speak of several genre-bending games on the horizon - or already here.

Clash of the Dragons - This game (formerly on my "if it advertises on my sidebar - I'll never play it!!!) lured me in when one of my good friends was hired to program for them.  It is a free-to-play MMO (notice the RPG missing from the end?).  It makes this list because Magic: The Gathering still ranks among my favorite time-destroying methods.  It is essentially a collectible card game with a very active community, and fun Holiday multiplayer boss brawls.  Unlike some other games who will remain nameless, the paywall here is soft, and doesn't leave marks on your face.

The Banner Saga - Is an absolutely gorgeous looking example of where I think mainstream RPG's are heading.  Lush graphics, deep story rooted in norse mythology - I signed up for my beta account, what about you?

Minion Master - Looks to be exactly the geeky PVP I've been looking for.  My wife will still probably own me though.  Life just isnt fair sometimes.

Arkham Horror - The seminal (Ha!) classic reskinned as a complete online experience.  No update on this for awhile - but I have high hopes this labor of love sees the light of day..

Anybody else know of any cool projects that need a shout-out?  Let me know in the comments.

Jan 5, 2013

No promises...or porpoises, but possible a cetacean of a different color.


Been awhile, hasn't it.  There was no question mark because it wasn't a question (see what I did there?)  It was a statement of being absent far too long.

I still game - as often as I can (which isn't very often), and have revived my old Dragonstar campaign.  Love that game - Spelljammer with plasma cannons :)

As for me, I found a job with ONLY a 1 hr 15 min commute, and basically lost myself in the gridlocked rat race of existence for awhile, or exactly one year, as I was laid off again 3 days after my 1 year anniversary.  Company needed a little more payroll overhead for the new executive team they hired.  Sigh.

So here I am hopeless, but hopeful for better things.  In fact, I applied for a job as a community manager for 5th planet games where a good friend of mine is working as a software developer.  If any of you know these peeps, let them know that Donny_the_DM is legit :)

Otherwise, just watching the kids grow up, and teaching them geekery of the best kind.  Family game night is either spent on Munchkin (sometimes quest), Talisman, or Clue Jr.  (three guesses which night I have to put my imagination away).  My kids are totally geeks in training, and doing well.

I apologize for a meager catch-up, but I retrieved my lost PW on a lark, and didn't have anything else better to talk about- though I sense a D&D next rant warned.

WotC is still staffed by cheese-weasels, and Pathfinder online is going to be a hideous clone of some other shitty game.

Take care folks, I'll try not to range so far this time.

Jun 28, 2011

So like a battered and broken partner that I am, I decided to let D&D back in...

But only a little bit!  Really!  I'm drawing lines on the floor now.  There is a strict rulebook that we now follow, and morale-raising measures have been taken, lest the floggings return.

Greetings and salutations readers - It is I, Donny the DM passing along an interesting factoid to those of you who havent been here since the beginning.  Did you know that you are reading a blog that has actually been abandoned TWICE!?  Okay, so that really wan't all that interesting - sue me.

I'm not actually back.  Really, I'm not.  I noticed that even after disappearing since February or some shit that I was still adding followers...What the hell?  Ummmm....welcome :)

To those 48 of you bravc souls who still have the patience to read my nerdy semi-coherent rantage, an update:  I am a Microcosm of the American dream - at least the economy side of it.  Unemployed for 17 months now, trying to modify various debts and such.  Cue the violins, please.  Life has been...interesting for awhile now, and while I hear about this supposed recovery we are in the midst of, I keep wondering when it'll trickle down this way.  It will eventually, but I must admit to a bit of impatience :)

On the bright side, after a 6 week hiatus in what had been an almost unbroken weekly D&D game, I decided that I still love D&D, I just think that the management sucks - at least as far as anything digital that comes from WotC.  In any event, I am now playing in two games and running a third which has helped a lot in learning how to just love the bomb.

Looking into starting a traveller game on the side though - will keep you informed.

Still waiting for 4E future :)

Now for some questions @ the peanut gallery:

1.)How often is everyone actually using skill challenges? 

2.)Has anyone been able to Productively use the VTT?  I've been working on it, but...look - I'm a CAD drafter and engineer by trade and if I am having a difficult time figuring it out then the UI sucks.  Does anybody else agree?  Am I a total moron that just doesn't get it?  The forums seem awful light on negative critique - what say you?

3.)Anyone else disappointed with Daggerdale (the PC game)?  D&D licensed RPG's used to be some of the best games out there (see Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter nights series, SSI gold box series, etc.) There are several unlicensed game worlds, and a plethora of developers out there - Where is the Dragonriders of Krynn?  Escape from castle ravenloft?  Against the sorceror-kings?  How about a game that starts as a run of the mill Elder scrolls 4 clone until you reach 5th level and a giant anchor falls out of the sky from the clouds above?

I'm a consumer, I can't help but want.

Game well folks.